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Avoid getting covered in dust – Clean your ceiling Fan!

Was it Gordon Brown that said ‘the best time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining’? No, probably not but I’m sure he would agree that if you want to avoid a build up of dust on your ceiling fan then you should clean it.

It’s a common problem. Some people don’t use the reverse function on their ceiling fan so it stays still for a lot of the darker, colder months. Then, when Spring arrives, the ceiling fan gets switched on and showers the occupants with the dust that has been building up on the top of the blades.

We have the solution! Please meet the Fantasia Ceiling Fan Duster. The cleaning aid with the best name in the whole world. We were going to call it the ‘dustbuster’ but we’re fairly sure that would result in a call from a trademark lawyer so we’ve played it safe.

449003 - Fantasia Ceiling Fan Duster

Fantasia Ceiling Fan Duster

the ceiling fan duster make short work of cleaning all parts of your ceiling fan. It has been specifically developed for ceiling fans with it’s microfibre, dust clinging attributes. It is shaped in such a way that cleaning a ceiling fan become a breeze!

There are a list of excuses for not cleaning a ceiling fan, we’ll deal with them below:

1. It’s too high up.

Our ceiling fan duster can be connected to any threaded broom handle to gain height.

2. I can’t get into the nooks and crannys.

The ceiling fan duster has been specifically designed for both nooks and crannys (The research dept dealt with the nooks very quickly,the crannys took a bit longer but we got there in the end). See below for a picture of a ceiling fan duster reaching the places other dusters can’t reach


3. I really can’t be bothered

Get someone else to do it for you.

So, there you are, the top 3 reasons for not cleaning a ceiling fan dealt with in one fell swoop (Yes, ‘fell’ swoop, those of you that say ‘foul’ swoop are saying wrong). Here’s some more pictures for you


You can find more details on the wonderful new Fantasia Ceiling Fan Duster here

Thanks for reading, we sure do appreciate it!


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