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‘All Ceiling Fans Wobble & They’re Noisy’ – Untruth

A lot of people have only experienced ceiling fans on holiday in Spain. Laying in your hotel bed you look up at the blades spin around but also the whole motor moves around and around. You wonder how long you’ve got left before the ceiling fan comes crashing down. You remember the fan, it looked a bit like this…

Image result for Run down Spanish Hotel ceiling fna

The reality is that even the wobbliest (Yes, that is a word – spellcheck said so) of ceiling fans won’t fall off the ceiling as there is a safety locking bar installed preventing such a catastrophe.However, that doesn’t stop people thinking that they’re going to end their days as a ridiculous headline in a Spanish News Paper

'Techo Wobbly vacaciones Fan ruinas desastre familia'

So, as you can imagine, the fact that most people’s first experience of a ceiling fan is the one above,makes it a little bit difficult to convince them that not all ceiling fans are created equal. However, here at Fantasia we like a challenge and we are here to enhance the reputation of the humble ceiling fan.

A few things we do at Fantasia to make sure you get a quiet ceiling fan that doesn’t wobble:

1. All motors are sounds tested individually in a special room in the factory.

2. The motor is spun at high speed to check for wobble. If they wobble they are sent further back on the production line to be fixed. If they still wobble they are sent to a green pasture to live out their days with other wobbly motors.

3. Blade carriers are weighed individually and packed together with similar weighted like-minded blade carriers.

4. Fan blades are also weight individually and packed with blades that weigh the same.

So after all of this we end up with a ceiling fan that is quiet and doesn’t wobble. However, even with all this effort a ceiling fan that hasn’t been installed correctly still may wobble. It’s important to check the set screws at the bottom of the drop rod and also to make sure all of the screws holding the motor to blade carrier and blade carrier to blade are nice and tight.

So, hopefully we’ve convinced you that a Fantasia Ceiling Fan shouldn’t wobble and should also be very quiet during operation.

If you have any questions the give us a call on 01959 564440 or have a look at our website

Thanks for reading.


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