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New!- Aero Ceiling Fan from Fantasia

We are very please to announced the planned arrival of the Aero Fan in August 2016.


117131 – 56″/1440mm Aero Pearl White

The Aero marks yet another step forward in Fantasia’s desire to push Ceiling Fan technology forward. It’s our best air mover ever at a MASSIVE 8000 cu/ft per minute. If you are looking for serious ventilation then this is the ceiling fan for you.


The Aero Fan is fitted with a low energy DC motor. Using only 5w of power on low speed it is an extremely efficient way of ventilating a room.

Aero comes complete with a full remote control system to operate the 3 speeds and the light on/off.


The Light fitting on Aero is also state-of-the-art. It’s an 18w (approx 80w equivalent incandescent) warm white LED light, this can be swapped for a cover plate if the light is not required.

The full tech spec is below:

  • Light: 18w LED Warm White
  • Operation: Remote Control
  • Net Weight: 8.5kg
  • Rod Length: 6″/150cm
  • Mounting: Drop Mount Only
  • Airflow: 8000 cu/ft per min
  • Power Consumption on High Speed: 41w

Product Code – 117131

RRP: £570 inc VAT

Available: August 2016

Thanks for reading and keep an eye on our website for more details




Combine LED with DC and save!

The Benefits of Low Energy

Fantasia has always been an energy conscious company. Ceiling Fans are very efficient in terms of energy consumption compared to, say, air conditioning. A typical ceiling fan will use between 60-100w on high speed and the light fitting will use 60-180w depending on the type. This means that a traditional ceiling fan may consume up to 280w on high speed with the light on full. Not a huge amount of power by any means but at Fantasia we always want to go further.

In early 2012 Fantasia released a new range of Elite ceiling fans with DC motors inside. These highly efficient consume just 3-30w depending on the speed. They also have extra features such as 6 speeds rather than the traditional 3 and also a ‘pulse’ function allowing for a natural breeze effect.

Delta Wh Flush

Fantasia Delta Ceiling Fan with DC motor and optional flush mount kit

This was a big step forward but at Fantasia we are always looking to use add the latest technology to our products. LED lighting has made large steps forward over the last 12 months and now we are able to add them to the Fantasia range.


These new LED light bulbs cost a little bit more than a standard light bulb but the savings in energy is significant. A standard G9 Light bulbs would consume 40-60w. These new Fantasia G9 bulbs consume 3.8w each and have a light output  the equivalent of 50w. This means that a combination of a ceiling fans with a DC motor and LED light kit could reduce the overall energy consumption from 280w to 37.6w a saving of over 87%!

If you are considering a ceiling fan purchase then you should look at our low energy range – Here’s the link –

Ceiling Fans AC v DC (Low Energy)

At Fantasia we’re always looking to reduce the cost of running a ceiling fans. With this is mind we launched a range of ceiling fans that use DC motors rather than the traditional AC. This allows for greater flexibility in operation (6 speeds as opposed to the traditional 3, aswell as a pulse function) along with the energy saving. Have a look at the graph for details on the energy savings. Also this year we are launching a range of LED light bulbs. This will bring even bigger savings, An AC ceiling fan with 2 x 50w G9 light bulbs would currently consume a total of 195w on high speed, this would be reduced to just 39w for a #ceilingfan with a DC motor and LED light bulbs included.

Fantasia Ceiling Fans DC low energy motors

Ceiling Fan power consumption comparison

2012 Sneak Preview

New for 2012. Flush mount version of the Delta Low Energy in White.

Plenty more new releases for 2012 planned. We’ll keep you posted.

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Ceiling Fan Question Time 4

More of your ceiling fan questions answered
I’m considering which control system is best for my ceiling fan. What is the advantage of a remote control?
A good question. Some Fantasia fans come complete with a remote control system others come with a pull cord control system and can have a remote control added. A standard Fantasia remote control system operates the 3 speeds (high, medium & low) on the fan and also controls the light. The main advantage is that it means you don’t have to get up to change the speed of the fan but additionally a remote control also gives you a light dimming function. A pull cord operated ceiling fan can only have the light on or off, the remote receiver allows you to dim the light to any level you like.
The fantasia range of low energy fans comes complete with a remote control system. Low energy ceiling fans use a DC motor and this brings even more advantages to the remote control system. Firstly, the low energy fan has 6 speeds in forward and 6 in reverse. Secondly, the reverse function is built into the remote handset meaning no manual switching. Thirdly, many of the low energy range have a ‘pulse’ function meaning you can create a natural breeze in your home as the fan automatically alternates between speeds. As you can see, a remote control is often a convenient option but can also add functionality to your ceiling fan.
Fantasia Remote Control

A Standard Fantasia Remote Control System

More more useful information have a look at our website

If you have more questions then call us on 01959 564440


Ceiling Fan Question Time 2

Fantasia Delta 114352

A Low Energy Fan from Fantasia

Does the Fantasia Low Energy range of ceiling fans have any other benefits apart from saving power?

The Fantasia range of low energy ceiling fans (Alpha, Delta, Omega) have a number of benefits. As mentioned, these ceiling fans use less power than traditional fans. This is because they have DC (rather than AC) motors which use approximately 60% less power. However, installing a DC motor in a ceiling fan brings added benefit in terms of control. A standard Fantasia ceiling fan has 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds, the low energy range of ceiling fans operates with 6 speeds in forward and 6 in reverse. This means much more control over the level of breeze you require. Also the reverse function of the fan is on the remote control handset rather than on the ceiling fan motor itself.

Natural Breeze – Added to the speed features is a new function called ‘natural breeze’. This setting on the remote control make the fan pulse, speeding up & then slowing down to create a natural breeze effect.

As you can see, the low energy range of ceiling fans from Fantasia does a lot more than conserve power.

Learn more here

Elite Range – Zeta

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Above is the new Zeta Fan from Fantasia Ceiling Fans. It’s the latest addition to our unique Elite range of ceiling fans. Combining the latest technology with cutting edge design the Elite range delivers elegant air movement without compromise.

The Zeta uses a low energy DC motor so it consumes 60% less energy than a traditional ceiling fan motor without compromising on performance. It is also fully remote-controlled and has a 60w light. The moulded blades are unique and add to performance.

At 52″/1320mm in span and available in three different finishes the Zeta is ideal for the larger room.

Track down one of our Elite stockists now and pre-order for July delivery.

Have a look at the full elite range on our website

Fantasia – Squaring the Circle

Everything about Ceiling Fans is usually round. They spin round in a circle and so it follows that the design should be circular….doesn’t it? Well no actually is doesn’t. Fantasia are always looking push the boundaries of design and this has never been more obvious than with the release of the Quadrant Ceiling Fan.

Every thing about this fan is square, including the drop rod if you look closely. The fan even uses magnets to make sure it remains perfectly square when at rest. The fan motor housing is made from Aluminium for that modern look. As if these features aren’t exceptional enough, the quadrant also offers a dimmable flourescent light, so its low energy too.

The Fantasia Quadrant will be available from June this year. For more information and where to buy have a look at the Fantasia Website

The advantage of low energy ceiling fans from Fantasia


Click for a pdf of Fantasia’s low energy Ceiling Fans

Low Energy Ceiling Fans

Fantasia Splash – part of the Elite range

Fantasia Splash Fan

The Splash Fan is a great additon to the Elite range. It’s fully remote controlled with a fantastic modern look. The Splash has 7 x 1w LED lights making it very efficient. 36″ in blade span it is ideal for the smaller room, particularly bedrooms or lounges.

Check oy the Fantasia Website for more information on the Splash and where to buy!