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New!- Aero Ceiling Fan from Fantasia

We are very please to announced the planned arrival of the Aero Fan in August 2016.


117131 – 56″/1440mm Aero Pearl White

The Aero marks yet another step forward in Fantasia’s desire to push Ceiling Fan technology forward. It’s our best air mover ever at a MASSIVE 8000 cu/ft per minute. If you are looking for serious ventilation then this is the ceiling fan for you.


The Aero Fan is fitted with a low energy DC motor. Using only 5w of power on low speed it is an extremely efficient way of ventilating a room.

Aero comes complete with a full remote control system to operate the 3 speeds and the light on/off.


The Light fitting on Aero is also state-of-the-art. It’s an 18w (approx 80w equivalent incandescent) warm white LED light, this can be swapped for a cover plate if the light is not required.

The full tech spec is below:

  • Light: 18w LED Warm White
  • Operation: Remote Control
  • Net Weight: 8.5kg
  • Rod Length: 6″/150cm
  • Mounting: Drop Mount Only
  • Airflow: 8000 cu/ft per min
  • Power Consumption on High Speed: 41w

Product Code – 117131

RRP: £570 inc VAT

Available: August 2016

Thanks for reading and keep an eye on our website for more details




Not Just Brass & Rattan – Ceiling Fans for today and tomorrow

We’ve been selling ceiling fans for a long time now and at Fantasia we really enjoy looking at the new technology coming through and seeing how we can implement it in our latest ceiling fan designs.

However, whenever we talk to potential customers who are in the early stages of considering a ceiling fan they have a very different view.

They always consider the typical ceiling fan to be a rickety old thing that keeps you awake at night. Possibly something like the one below.

Old Ceiling Fan

Well we’re here to change peoples’ minds, to tell them that a Ceiling Fan doesn’t have to be Polished Brass and Rattan (although it can be if you want!), that is doesn’t have to rattle ‘n’ roll, that it shouldn’t sound like a hamster in a rusty wheel.

It’s a slow process but hopefully some of our designs will help convince people.

Take the ceiling Fan below for example. It’s a fairly basic Fantasia Ceiling Fan in terms of operation but it’s whisper quiet and powerful too. Best of all It’s Matt Black and really stealthy (made the last bit up, the stealthy bit not the Matt Black bit. It is Matt Black)

Fantasia Mayfair MB Combi

Matt Black is the new Black

Of course if you want to take it up a level then how about the Viper Plus now available in Pewter (Mirror Black). It’s fully remote controlled including remote reverse, is one of the biggest air movers we make and it looks the business. A whole world away from Polished Brass and Rattan.

Viper plus pewter light on

Viper Plus – Don’t make it angry, you wouldn’t like it when it’s angry.


So hopefully this will convince any undecideds out there that Ceiling Fans can find a home in very modern houses as well as being extremely useful and efficient.

And if it hasn’t, or if you happen to like Polished Brass and Rattan, then may we present our version below:

Mayfair Combi PB dark oak Florence A

Mayfair Polished Brass Combi

Ok, so there’s no rattan in that picture but if you flip the blades over you will find some. Promise.

Thanks for reading

Retro Desk Fans are now available from Fantasia.

Retro Desto Fans are now available from Fantasia.

Modern day fan power on the inside, retro vintage styling on the outside!

A new range of Fantasia Retro Desk fans will be arriving this Summer

Have a look below at a brand new offering from Fantasia Ceiling Fans. We’ve moved from the ceiling to the desk with the introduction of a brand new range of retro fans. Available in 6 colours and with adjustable speed and a tilting head, these fans provide modern air movement combined with classic styling.

Fantasia Desk Fans - Retro

A new range of retro desk fans from Fantasia

A New Range of Fans Has Arrived

Fantasia are very proud to be launching a new range of ceiling fans. Having teamed up with Vento we are now able to offer Hurricane and Dragonfly. These ceiling fans are unique in design and extremely powerful in terms of air movement!Fantais aCeiling Fans - New Range

Fantasia ceiling Fans - New Range

For details of your distributor for there new product please see our website –

Ceiling Fan Question Time 6 – Wiring

Fantasia Ceiling Fan WiringI’m afraid I have to preface this blog entry with the usual disclaimer that before starting any electrical work you should ensure you have ‘all pole disconnection’ from the unit you are working on. I should also say that if you are unsure about anything¬† to do with wiring and electrical work in general then consult a qualified electrician.

I’m not saying this because connecting a ceiling fan to a lighting circuit is difficult, it’s not, it’s just that when someone does something stupid then they tend to want to blame someone else. All I’m saying is that if you are that sort of person then don’t use this guide. Fantasia Ceiling Fans won’t be responsible for any loss, damage or anything else resulting from this blog entry.

Right, now down to the questions you may have :

Q. Does a Fantasia Ceiling Fan use the standard lighting circuit?

A. Yes


Q. Do I need to run the fan from a fused spur?

A. That would be recommended but not essential


Q. Can I control the fan and light separately?

A. This is a question that always makes me laugh. Do you really think that you could only have the light on when the fan is on and vice versa? Do you think that would be a good product? No it wouldn’t and therefore all Fantasia Fans have independently controllable fan and light functions.


Q. Can I control the fan from the permanent live and the light from the switched live

A. Yes, this is an option and some people do it but we prefer to only use the switched live for isolation purposes.


Q. Are fan lights dimmable

A. If the fan comes with a remote control or wall control then the answer is yes. If the fan light just has a pull cord then the light will just have on/off functionality.


More tech help is available on our website or by phone on 01959 564440

2012 Sneak Preview

New for 2012. Flush mount version of the Delta Low Energy in White.

Plenty more new releases for 2012 planned. We’ll keep you posted.

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Ceiling Fan Question Time 5 – Blade Options

Q. Is it possible to change the blades on a ceiling fan. I want to order the Pewter Viper but would prefer the Silver Blade Option

A. Yes this is perfectly possible. One of the many excellent features of a Fantasia fan is that you can change the blades within the range. This means that you could have white blades on a Chrome Mayfair or gloss black blades on a White Mayfair if you wish.

For a full run-down of which blades are available for which fan please see below. If you need more information then call our sales office on 01959 564440. Click on the image below to get a larger version or click here to have a paper catalogue posted to you.

Fantasia Blade Options

Fantasia Blade Options


Zeta has arrived!

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Check out our website for more details and your nearest stockist

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