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Unsure which ceiling fan you need?

52" Viper White

Which size ceiling fan do you need?


At Fantasia Ceiling Fans we often get asked for advice about ceiling fan installations. For example which size of fan is best? With this in mind here are a few tips  to consider when sizing up a ceiling fan.

  • It’s always more comfortable to run a larger fan on a slower speed rather than running a smaller fan on high-speed all the time.  Always install the largest you can fit.

  • As a very rough guide here’s a list of room sizes and the minimum ceiling fan size requirement

12ft x 12ft (3.65m x 3.65m) = 1 x 36″/42″ (91cm/107cm) ceiling fan – Examples would be Capri, Splash, Mayfair, Gemini, Sigma.

15ft x 12ft (4.57m x 3.65m) = 1 x 42″ or 52″ (107cm or 132cm) ceiling fan – Examples  would be Sigma, Trinity, Viper, Alpha, Orion.

20ft x 14ft (6.10m x 4.27m) = 1 x 52″ (132cm) ceiling fan – Examples would be Viper, Classic, Palm, Propeller.

25ft x 12ft (7.62m x 3.65m = 2 x 42″ or 1 x 52″ (107cm or 132cm) ceiling fan – Examples would be Mayfair, Vienna, Viper, Alpha, Propeller.

  • Conservatory Consideration – We would recommend using anything smaller than a 42″ (107cm) ceiling fan in a conservatory. A smaller fan is not sufficient to deal with the heat build up conservatory roof systems create.

  • For further information about ceiling fan installation have a look at our guide

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