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2012 Sneak Preview

New for 2012. Flush mount version of the Delta Low Energy in White.

Plenty more new releases for 2012 planned. We’ll keep you posted.

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Zeta has arrived!

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Ceiling Fan Question Time 2

Fantasia Delta 114352

A Low Energy Fan from Fantasia

Does the Fantasia Low Energy range of ceiling fans have any other benefits apart from saving power?

The Fantasia range of low energy ceiling fans (Alpha, Delta, Omega) have a number of benefits. As mentioned, these ceiling fans use less power than traditional fans. This is because they have DC (rather than AC) motors which use approximately 60% less power. However, installing a DC motor in a ceiling fan brings added benefit in terms of control. A standard Fantasia ceiling fan has 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds, the low energy range of ceiling fans operates with 6 speeds in forward and 6 in reverse. This means much more control over the level of breeze you require. Also the reverse function of the fan is on the remote control handset rather than on the ceiling fan motor itself.

Natural Breeze – Added to the speed features is a new function called ‘natural breeze’. This setting on the remote control make the fan pulse, speeding up & then slowing down to create a natural breeze effect.

As you can see, the low energy range of ceiling fans from Fantasia does a lot more than conserve power.

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Ceiling Fan Question Time 1

Here’s an example of the one of the questions we get asked about fitting ceiling fans.

I’ve got a conservatory and need to fit a ceiling fan. Unfortunately there are structural tie bars running the width of the conservatory. What are the implications for fitting a ceiling fan?”

Conservatories often have tie bars included to keep the structure square. They can get in the way though when fitting ceiling fans. There are 2 things to remember when dealing with tie bars – Support & Ventilation . Firstly don’t ever attempt to attach a ceiling fan to a tie bar directly (yes, we have seen it attempted!). Tie bars are not designed to take any vertical load at all. Secondly, make sure that you ceiling fan has good clearance from the tie bars. The blade tips must be at least 8 inches (24cm) from the tie bar or any other part of the conservatory. If the blade tips are too close to the tie bars then you will feel no downdraft from the fan at all.

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Will my ceiling fan fit?

Measuring up for a Fantasia ceiling fan installation may seem complicated. Follow the easy guide below and you won’t go wrong.

Measuring up for a Fantasia Ceiling Fans

Measuring up for a Fantasia Ceiling Fan is easy

More from the Elite Range



The Angel Fan is the latest addition to the Elite range. Operated by remote control, this stylish ceiling fan would be a graceful addition to any home. Added to this, its 56″ span means that air movement even at low speeds,  is impressive. Unique twisted blade  technology and a 120w light mean that this ceiling fan is practical aswell as beautiful.

Introducing….The Blade!

You may never have seen a ceiling fan like this one before! It’s called ‘Blade’ and it is truly unique. Using a single spinning counterbalanced blade this fan is a serious eye catcher. It’s three speeds are operated by remote control and it is available in either Brushed Nickel  or White. It’s also available with an optional drop rod.

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