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Retro Desk Fans are now available from Fantasia.

Retro Desto Fans are now available from Fantasia.

Modern day fan power on the inside, retro vintage styling on the outside!


Need a reason to choose Fantasia? Here’s 5

5 Reasons

Fantasia Ceiling Fans – Question Time 3

Another ceiling fan question answered.

Q. I know that you recommend that ceiling fans are fitted to a ceiling joist. I have just had a new conservatory fitted and I now want to install my Fantasia Fan. The ridge section of my conservatory is Aluminum covered with white plastic. What’s the best way to fit a ceiling fan?
A. A lot of Fantasia Fans are purchased for fitting in a conservatory as they are ideal for that environment. However, a conservatory ridge section is a complicated thing (see slideshow below). In many cases you will need more than 2 fixings to make it secure. For this reason Fantasia has developed the Big Strip Fastener (see slideshow below) in order to allow for many more fixing with self tapping screws. If you are having a new conservatory fitted than ask you’re installer if you need a Big Strip Fastener. If you need any other technical advice then don’t hesitate to call us on 01959 564440 or check out our technical section on our website

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Will my ceiling fan fit?

Measuring up for a Fantasia ceiling fan installation may seem complicated. Follow the easy guide below and you won’t go wrong.

Measuring up for a Fantasia Ceiling Fans

Measuring up for a Fantasia Ceiling Fan is easy

More from the Elite Range



The Angel Fan is the latest addition to the Elite range. Operated by remote control, this stylish ceiling fan would be a graceful addition to any home. Added to this, its 56″ span means that air movement even at low speeds,  is impressive. Unique twisted blade  technology and a 120w light mean that this ceiling fan is practical aswell as beautiful.

Fantasia Launch the Elite Range

Elite - Launches 1st April 2011

Fantasia Ceiling Fans are proud to announce the release of the Elite range. This new range of ceiling fans seamlessly combines exceptional style with next generation technology. The Elite range delivers elegant air movement without compromise.

Check out the Fantasia website to download the brochure. Over the next few weeks on this blog we will break down the range and give you more details about this unique offering.