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Ceiling Fan Question Time 6 – Wiring

Fantasia Ceiling Fan WiringI’m afraid I have to preface this blog entry with the usual disclaimer that before starting any electrical work you should ensure you have ‘all pole disconnection’ from the unit you are working on. I should also say that if you are unsure about anything¬† to do with wiring and electrical work in general then consult a qualified electrician.

I’m not saying this because connecting a ceiling fan to a lighting circuit is difficult, it’s not, it’s just that when someone does something stupid then they tend to want to blame someone else. All I’m saying is that if you are that sort of person then don’t use this guide. Fantasia Ceiling Fans won’t be responsible for any loss, damage or anything else resulting from this blog entry.

Right, now down to the questions you may have :

Q. Does a Fantasia Ceiling Fan use the standard lighting circuit?

A. Yes


Q. Do I need to run the fan from a fused spur?

A. That would be recommended but not essential


Q. Can I control the fan and light separately?

A. This is a question that always makes me laugh. Do you really think that you could only have the light on when the fan is on and vice versa? Do you think that would be a good product? No it wouldn’t and therefore all Fantasia Fans have independently controllable fan and light functions.


Q. Can I control the fan from the permanent live and the light from the switched live

A. Yes, this is an option and some people do it but we prefer to only use the switched live for isolation purposes.


Q. Are fan lights dimmable

A. If the fan comes with a remote control or wall control then the answer is yes. If the fan light just has a pull cord then the light will just have on/off functionality.


More tech help is available on our website or by phone on 01959 564440